Friday, July 30, 2010

NOAA Pacific Northwest Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) Program

Proposals should address one of the three areas of interest: (1) Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences for Students; (2) Professional Development for Teachers related to Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences; (3) Exemplary Programs combining Teacher Professional Development with long-term classroom-integrated Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences for their Students. For more information visit the Natural Sciences Funding Opportunity webpage.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Federal Research & Development Focus Areas released

FY 2012 focus areas for research and development were identified by the federal government in a memo released on July 21, 2010 by the Office of Management & Budget (OMB). The identified areas will receive an increased emphasis by the federal government which may impact future federal grant opportunities. The six challenge areas to be strengthened are as follows:
  • Promoting sustainable economic growth and job creation
  • Defeating the most dangerous diseases and achieving better health outcomes for all while reducing health care costs
  • Moving toward a clean energy future to reduce dependence on energy imports while curbing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Understanding, adapting to, and mitigating the impacts of global climate change
  • Managing the competing demands on land, fresh water, and the oceans for the production of food, fiber, biofuels, and ecosystem services based on sustainability and biodiversity
  • Developing the technologies to protect our troops, citizens, and national interests.
According to the memo, "Addressing these challenges will require strengthening our efforts in six cross-cutting areas:
  • Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and advanced learning technologies at every level, from early childhood to lifelong learning, and for all segments of society;
  • The vitality and productivity of our research universities and national and private laboratories, and sustained support for fundamental research;
  • The capacity and robustness of infrastructures for information and communication, transportation, and energy;
  • High-impact collaborations with researchers, the private sector, universities and other institutions of higher learning, civil society, and international partners to achieve U.S. foreign policy, global health, energy, climate change, and global development objectives;
  • Capabilities in space, which are germane not only to looking and exploring outward but also to Earth observation, geopositioning, communication, and more; and
  • An economic and policy environment that promotes and rewards research, entrepreneurship, and innovation."
For more information, click here.

NASA Undergraduate Opportunity

NASA is offering undergraduate students an opportunity to test an experiment in weightless science as part of the agency's Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program. Proposals are due by Oct. 27. For more information, visit the Student Services Funding Opportunity webpage.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

NEH Collaborative Research Grants

NEH's Collaborative Research Grants support original research undertaken by a team of two or more scholars, for full-time or part-time activities for periods of at least one year up to a maximum of three years. Support is available for various combinations of scholars, consultants, and research assistants; project-related travel; field work; applications of information technology; and technical support and services. For more information visit the Humanities Funding Opportunity webpage.

Climate Literacy Funding Opportunity

The goal of the Climate Literacy funding opportunity is to support K-12 education projects that advance inquiry-based Earth System Science learning and stewardship directly tied to the school curriculum, with a particular interest in increasing climate literacy. One group that has been identified as underserved is elementary level teachers and students. For more information view the Teacher Education Funding Opportunity webpage.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Open Meadows Foundation Grants to Benefit Women & Girls

Open Meadows offers grants of up to $2,000 for projects that are designed and implemented by women and girls; reflect the diversity of the community served by the project in both its leadership and organization; promote building community power; promote gender, racial, social, economic, and/or environmental justice; and have limited financial access or have encountered obstacles in their search for funding. For more information visit the Student Services Funding Opportunity webpage.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Office of Naval Research STEM initiative for K-12 & Higher Education

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) mission is to: foster an interest in, knowledge of, and study in science, technology, engineering and mathematics nationwide to ensure an educated and well-prepared workforce, which meets the naval and national competitive needs. Grant information focusing on K-12 and higher education may be found on the Natural Sciences & Mathematics Funding Opportunity webpage and the Teacher Education Funding Opportunity webpage.

NIH Short-term Research Grant

Short-Term Research Education Program to Increase Diversity in Health-Related Research issued through the National Institute of Health is due on October 1, 2010. For more information visit the Health & PE Funding Opportunity webpage.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sociological Initiatives Foundation Research grants

The Sociological Initiatives Foundation, which was established to support research that furthers social change, including language learning and behavior and its intersection with social and policy questions, is accepting concept applications for its annual grant program. Grant awards are $10,000 - $20,000. For more information, visit the Social Sciences Funding Opportunity webpage.

Institute for New Economic Thinking inaugural grants

The Institute for New Economic Thinking inaugural grants of $50,000 - $250,000 will support innovative ideas in economics. For more information, visit the Business & Economics Funding Opportunity webpage.